is closed. Our deepest appreciation goes to all the little monsters who made making FunForAChange so much fun! was an online world of health video games for children age 6 to 12. The free-to-play website combined interactivity with immersive stories in a whimsical land of friendly monsters. Nutrition and exercise topics included eating fruits and veggies, meal balance, portion size, beverage content, food groups, nutrition labels, and aerobic activity. went live in May 2008. Word-of-mouth quickly spread, earning the website a 2009 Web Health Merit Award and 2010 Creative Child Magazine Media of the Year Award. Playnormous was Google's #1 ranked site for the search term "health games" for more than three years. When Playnormous launched user accounts in October 2010, the website experienced a 200% growth in unique visits. The Playnormous website and games have been featured in numerous television newscasts, scientific journal publications, national magazine articles, and online reports. was featured on Nickelodeon's August 2010 "ParentsConnect Back to School Bash!" online party, and the 2012 "Innovations in Games: Better Health and Healthcare" conference convened by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. has also been used as interactive exhibits in two Houston children's museums.

The idea began as an internally-funded research project to discover where games for health could lead - and it lead to schools. At it's height an enthusiastic community of educators used Playnormous in K-12 classrooms. Approximately 250,000 children, teachers and parents from all over the world visited yearly. Over 65% of visitors were referred from school and teacher websites. Average visitor time-on-site was high: over 4 minutes.

Almost 17,000 man-hours were spent developing three generations of the Playnormous website, a Playnormous FunForAChange(TM) CDROM, and two Playnormous game iOS apps: Kitchen Quest and Kitchen Quest Espanol, which are available on the Apple iTunes App Store.

The Playnormous website was designed in 2007 using Adobe(R) Flash(R). With the advent of mobile computing platforms and new browser technology, it was time to retire Playnormous in its current online form. The website closed in August 2015.

However, the idea of Playnormous continues...

Playnormous was created by Archimage, an award-winning team of professional designers, artists, video game designers, and programmers.


Jerald Reichstein AIA

Executive Producer

Richard Buday FAIA

Producer / Developers

Paul Patel, Jerald Reichstein AIA


Melanie Lazarus MPH


Fredy Alvarado, McKee Frazer, Iva Kim, Sean Lane, Lance Riggs, Joshualee Vivar


Chris Pham, Ramsey Tapia, Jon Wilsdon

Quality Assurance

Renate Walker