We believe stories can change your mind and video games can change your life. That's why we create health-related games, websites, films and novels.

What kind of health behavior could stories and video games improve? Consider this: higher vegetable intake has been associated with lower risks of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and several cancers. Yet, less than 10% of American children are eating enough vegetables. That may seem like a trivial problem, but it's not. Tens of billions of U.S. healthcare dollars are spent every year combating disease caused by poor diet and physical inactivity.

For example, obesity is one of the greatest and most preventable causes of death in the world, right up there with tobacco. Two-thirds of the American population is overweight or obese and obesity among children has become epidemic. Once weight is on, it's difficult to lose. At 10 years old, the likelihood of an overweight child becoming an obese adult increases several times.

It's possible that 20% of Americans will soon be diabetic. Type 2 diabetes is mostly a result a personal choice regarding diet and exercise. Clinicians agree the best way to combat the rise in obesity and type 2 diabetes is by eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and less sweetened beverages, and being more physically active.

Motivating children to lead healthier lives is the first step in ending the obesity and diabetes epidemics. Archimage has been working with researchers at academic medical centers for over 15 years to develop media that improves children's health behaviors.

We have only one goal: healthier generations of children.